High Air Rotary Screw Natural Gas Compressors are very cost-effective for handling high volumes of gas in gas gathering, vapor recovery, and other applications. Rotary screw  Natural Gascompressors are ideal in large volume/low suction pressure applications and to upgrade existing reciprocating compressor installations. Since they operate with few moving parts, low maintenance and high reliability are inherent in rotary screws.


•Skid with Market Proven US made Gas Ends.

•Versatrol Internal Bypass Valves(Option)

•VFD Control(Option)

•Wide Range of Capacity Control,Full Automatically.

•All Climate Design,Even For Tough Environment.

•Full-automatic control can realize the system running without anyone on duty.

•Adjustable Vi match the internal compression to the application requirement for maximum compression efficiency.

•6000V/10000V Explosion-proof Motor upon request.


• Gas Gathering

• Well Head Gas Compression

• Fuel Gas Boosting/Cogeneration

• Vapor Recovery

• Inert Gas Boosting

• Landfill Gas

• Coalbed Methane

• Landfill/Bio Gas