HGB Series Air/Nitrogen Boosters

Tailor-made Booster System.

HIGH-AIR air/nitrogen boosters with reliable compression bare blocks, modular design, various blocks and cylinders are optional; reasonable matching of compression stages and cylinder sizes according to compression ratio, ensuring each stage to be with low pressure ratio and low operating temperature.

•Working pressure from 2 to 50MPa

•Complete suction protection for real-time monitoring of intake pressure, discharge pressure and temperature

•Advanced pressure-bearing crankcase and condensate drain collection system for zero blow-by of the unit

•Fully automatic PLC control system for unattended operation of the unit

•A variety of driving methods, whether it is motor drive or diesel drive, both can ensure efficient operation of the unit

•Different discharge filter systems and dry systems are available to meet different purity and dryness requirements.

•Time-tested professional design, simple installation, no  require additional foundation.


Our versatile modular design provides more flexibility and convenience in adjusting the piston, cylinder, cylinder head and valve plate combination, enabling us to provide our customers with an highly efficient and economical system. Our design features and advantages determine that our units can withstand the test of time and obtain the user's approval.

•Easy to install and maintain

•Low maintenance and operating costs

•No special foundation requirements

•High operating efficiency

•Designed for continuous operation, suitable for heavy duty work

•Fully balanced design with low vibration

•Low operating speed and long service life

•Low compression ratio and temperature rise

•Low running noise

•Low speed for extended life

HGB Series Air/Nitrogen Boosters

* Above ,based on suction 8BarG