Air Trailer

Cylider group + electric diesel dual drive filling pump + explosion-proof pneumatic box + inflation system + long tube breathing pipe coil

Continuing gas supply ability , wide range of uses.

Suitable for non-hazardous areas, ordinary fire continued to supply gas operations.

HIGH AIR MTF series mobile inflatable vehicle( fire inflatable vehicle) is specially designed to meet site rescue operations.

MTF system has high flexibility, compact structure, complete function. The whole system contains high-pressure filling pump, breathing air filtration system, gas storage system, explosion-proof pneumatic box, ladder automatically inflation cylinders control system and so on components, and can select to install lighting the beacon, electric motor and diesel machine dual drive devices. The whole system is installed in professional chassis for easy mobility, also equiped the steel shield to provied aii-round protection.

•All kinds of safety monitoring and high safety standards to ensure high security system.

•HIGH AIR unique ladder filling system, to ensure high efficient of system.

•All imports of the host to ensure high quality.

•All U.S. imports of pneumatic valves and piping connections to ensure system stability.

System Features

•Uniaxial / biaxial trailer

•Electric motor / diesel machine dual drive (optional)

•IP54 protection grade motor (optional)

•Touch screen PLC automatic control

•All-round monitoring dashboard

•Explosion-proof pneumatic box (implement NFPA1901 safety standards)

•Ladder automatic pneumatic cylinder system

•High - pressure cylinder group (By China's quality inspection certification)

•Long inflatable plate pipe (Optional Equipment)

•Full import high-pressure compressor 600L/min-750L/min

•The EN12021 breathing air filtration system

•Breathing air quality monitoring system (Optional Equipment)

•Large flow of breathing air filtration system (Optional Equipment)

•Environmental hazardous gas monitoring system (Optional Equipment)