Hanweier two rooms and one station, professional system solutions

Simple and easy to use

Humanized design

Designed specifically for the fire service

Streamline work

One-stop solution

A number of national patent design

Perfect match demand, high economy

The building is adaptable and the layout is flexible

Pre-sales site design, layout planning

After-sale site installation, professional training

Provide turnkey projects

Two rooms and one station equipment includes:

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● Gas cylinder filling chamber

Be responsible for filling the gas cylinder and make sure the cylinder is in standby condition.

It is composed of breathing air filling pump, breathing air filter, air quality analyzer, gas storage system, explosion-proof inflatable box and other equipment.

● Air breathing apparatus dimension inspection and maintenance room

Responsible for the function test and maintenance of air respirator, ensure the respirator is in good condition.

It is composed of air breathing apparatus maintenance tester, maintenance special tools, gas cylinder fixture, ultrasonic cleaning machine, water control frame, mounting frame, workbench, decompression system and pipe through valve parts and other equipment.


● Gas cylinder water pressure test station

Responsible for regular appearance inspection, inner cavity observation and hydraulic deformation test of gas cylinders to prevent unqualified gas cylinders from being put into use.

It is composed of water pressure detector, water filter, cylinder clamp/pouring frame, cylinder dryer, electric hoist, cylinder water injection car, electric water heater and other equipment.

Gas cylinder filling chamber

Breathe air filling pump

215-650/min, a variety of flow options

Open type/box type/super quiet type of various structural forms

Automatic PLC control system

Automatic blowdown with blowdown collection system

Special inflating interface for inflating station


High Efficiency Breathing Air Filter

Meet the European standard EN12021 respiratory quality

High flow filtration

Stainless steel filter cartridge

China pressure vessel certificate

Two-stage filter design

Safety valve/back pressure valve/vent valve/pressure gauge


High pressure gas storage system

China pressure vessel certificate high pressure cylinder

Rent a relief valve for the cylinder

High pressure pneumatic pressure reducing valve

Low operating air source pressure reducing valve

Automatic ladder inflating system

Low pressure alarm alert


Stepped automatic inflation system

The stepped inflating system can fill more than twice as many carbon fiber bottles as a conventional parallel inflating system


Explosion-proof inflatable box

Provide safety protection for inflatable operator

American NFPA standard design

Automatic door and air - off system

Filling speed control to prevent overheating

Force spring, easy to operate

Full of automatic sound and light alarm


Breathing air quality detector

European standard EN12021 air quality standard

Carbon monoxide

Carbon dioxide

Water content oil content


Gas tight test tank car

The airtight test water tank is used to check the airtightness of the gas cylinder after charging


Cylinder storage rack

The cylinder storage rack is used to store the fixtures to be tested and maintained and those have been tested and maintained


A cylinder cart

The cylinder trolley is made of stainless steel

It holds 8 6.8 or 9 liter cylinders, with foot brake for easy use


The workbench

Bring a drawer and a computer mainframe. Used for inspection, assembly and fitter work


Air chamber operation process board

Provide detailed operation procedures and instructions for the inflatable chamber

Breathing apparatus testing and maintenance room

Multifunctional computerized respiratory apparatus comprehensive tester

Full intelligent simulation system

Fully automatic operation

Real-time data display

A variety of respirators are used

Automatically judge and store test results


Ultrasonic cleaning machine

All stainless steel

Super cleaning without dead Angle

The cleaning power is adjustable

Wash tank and rinse tank


Water control frame

All stainless steel with water tray

Rely on the wall type design, does not occupy a space


Gas cylinders jig

Pneumatic pressure 1.0MPa, applicable to 6.8L9L12L three specifications of carbon fiber bottles.


Metal file cabinet

Metal file cabinet, metal plate beautiful and durable.


Material rack in maintenance room

Used for storing respirators to be tested and maintained or that have been tested and maintained. (with plastic turnaround box)


The workbench

Bring a drawer and a computer mainframe. Used for inspection, assembly and fitter work


Bench bench

Used for assembly and fitter work. The table top is covered with board mat and feels comfortable


Breathing apparatus repair tools

Torque wrench

Fixed wrench/adjustable wrench

Inner hexagon wrench

The screwdriver


Maintenance room operation process board

Indicate the operation procedure and procedure of maintenance room

Cylinder water pressure testing station

Automatic water pressure detector

One-button automatic operation

IPC is stable and reliable

Automatic weighing

Cylinder management database system

Easily query historical data

6.9/9/12L full-size cylinders for general use

Fully imported booster pump

Stainless steel water tray

Manual detector is available


Water filter assembly

The water filter makes the water into the hydraulic press free of impurities and prolongs the service life


Gas cylinder fixture/pouring stand integrated machine

Integrated multi-functional design

Integration, economization

Pneumatic clamping, cushioning design

360-degree encircling clamp to avoid deformation


Bottle valve testing table

4 bottle valves are tested simultaneously

Easy to operate and reliable

Bottle valve to be checked, bottle valve dry zone


Gas cylinder dryer

Digital display automatic temperature control

Silent design

Automatic shutdown after work

6.9/9/12L full-size cylinders for general use


Electric hoist truss walking trolley guide rail

No foundation design, easy installation

Special spreader for hydraulic test of gas cylinders


Cylinder water injection truck

The high quality stainless steel plate and stainless steel square pipe for gas cylinder water injection vehicle are welded and formed


A cylinder cart

The cylinder trolley is made of stainless steel

It holds 8 6.8 or 9 liter cylinders, with foot brake for easy use


Electronic endoscope

Electronic visual endoscope, with side mirror, IPC directly take pictures and record


Cylinder cavity observation lamp

The cylinder liner surface observation lamp is a cold light source transmitted by optical fiber, which is used to observe the damage of the cylinder liner surface


Cylinder storage rack

The cylinder storage rack is used to store the fixtures to be tested and maintained and those have been tested and maintained


Electric water heater

Water temperature 20 ~ 80℃, voltage 220V power 1500W, volume 30 ~ 50L


Cylinder testing table

The table is made of steel frame, and the table top is covered with board mat. It feels comfortable and elastic, with drawers, computer mainframe and lighting board


Cylinder overhauling tools

The depth of the table

Ring gauge plug gauge

Tap wrench

Die handle

Surface Repair


3D cylinder maintenance bracket

The 3D cylinder detection bracket is reliable and flexible. The cylinder can rotate and tilt on the bracket, making the detection more convenient and accurate


Cylinder inspection operation process board

Indicate cylinder inspection procedure and procedure

Gas cylinder filling chamber
Breathing apparatus testing room
Cylinder water pressure testing station