Maximum Production

Total automation maintains optimal capacity for your well.

Unparalleled Utility

Precision flow control in all applications from simple wellhead production to complex plunger lift systems.

Ultimate Reliability

Every feature combines time tested and proven hardware with sophisticated process controls and engineering.

Case Study

Sichua,China Tight Gas Well Enhancement 

A various of compressor blocks to meet different requirements of flowrates and pressures.

HSG Screw Type Compressors

Suction Pressure£º-0.067MPa-0.35MPaG

Discharge Pressure£º0.2-2.5MPaG


WH3 Reciprocating Type Compressors

Suction Pressure£º0MPa-0.1MPaG

Discharge Pressure£º0.2-1.5MPaG


WH5 Reciprocating Type Compressors

Suction Pressure£º0MPa-1MPaG

Discharge Pressure£º0.5-6MPaG



High Air wellhead compressor system, with using the America's most advanced and mature gas end as well as the ripe application experience after the American¡¯s field proven,Provides optimal solutions for the mature gas well enhancement, natural gas, coalbed methane, tight gas and shell gas ,etc.

•A variety of pressure and capacity ranges, meet the requirements of diverse applications.

•A complete fault protection system can closely monitor and protect the equipment.

•Standard Natural Gas Engine Driven.

•Explosion-proof control and motor upon requirements.

•All climate protection cover available

•Special VFD frequency control system, to achieve a flow regulation range from 20% to 100%.

•Compressor can be directly installed on a truck or a trailer, implement the requirement of portable works.